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Chibi's short, serious works

*Coming Soon!* Chibi's comedy shorts

Wild Arms: Off on a Tangent
What happens when Chibi decides to make a comical re-write of Wild Arms? You get this. Gender changing, role-swaping, and large evil pink bunnies run amuck in this tale!

Legacy of Hope
Seventeen years later, monster attacks have been on the rise. A Crest Sorceress and reseacher, a gunslinger and unwilling straight man, and a mysterious yet still spoony bard will rise to the occasion in a tale of... er... stuff.

By Robin "JChance" MacLachlan:
Wild Arms: The Dee Legacy
Fifteen years after the defeat of the demons, a greening Filgaia has entered a Gilded Age of opportunity. But the past still holds many dangerous secrets, and an inexperienced scholar, a young thief, and a tough cowgirl must confront them.

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